Please make checks or money orders payable to: Worcester Caribbean American Carnival Association or WCACA P.O. Box 70301, Worcester, MA 01607

Submit your registration and payment by July 30, 2020. You can pay via Zelle ( ) or PayPal (

​Please include your band name on all communications, including payments.


Performers, dancers, community groups, and corporate groups from all ethnic backgrounds are invited to showcase their culture for the Worcester Caribbean American Carnival, August 30, 2020 starting at the historic Worcester Commons, behind Worcester City Hall and ending at Institute Park in Worcester, MA.

Costume participants are judged on five categories: Craftsmanship; Creativity, Visual Impact, Presentation; and Choreography.

Registration fees are as follows

Costume Competing Bands:

  • Registration fee per group$400.00

Non-competing Bands and Political Groups:

  • Corporate/Large Organization - $475.00

  • Non-profit small agency with certification – $200.00 (for non-competing bands); $100.00 for non-profit agencies 

  •  Floats and non-competing groups- $300.00 (non-competing groups which do not have access to a music truck must make arrangements with WCACA prior to the event; an additional fee may apply)

  • Political groups (including floats or trucks) -$300.00

  • Steel Bands- No Charge

Mas Band Costume Competition:

  • “2021 Band of the Year” - Cash prize, Trophy, and Waiver of 2020 Registration fees


All Bandleaders and/or DJ’s must attend at least one Information Meeting in 2020, or they will not be allowed to participate in the parade. The meeting in Boston will be held during the month of May and in Worcester during June.


  1. The Worcester Police has the final decision on moving or stopping the parade.
  2. Department of Transportation CDL driver truck safety rules apply.
  3. Trucks with generators must have a fire extinguisher onboard.
  4. Trucks must have wheel guards and/or security protecting wheel beds


  1. ​All bands/bandleaders must arrive on 455 Main Street (Worcester Commons – Behind City Hall) between 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  2. The parade will begin promptly at 1:30pm
  3. Late trucks will be subject to reorder, possible disqualification, and/or not being allowed on the parade route.
  4.  WCACA will determine truck order. If more than 5 bands register, there will be a drawing to determine the order in which the bands will depart. Failure to comply with the order given by WCACA or by draw may result in disqualification from the competition.
  5. Competing groups who are not ready for the procession in the order of their draw will lose 15 points.
  6.  Bands/bandleaders that are not ready to march by 1:30pm or arrive after 1:30pm will be eliminated from the competition
  7. All DJs must turn their music off BEFORE and AFTER they leave the parade route or their costume band will be penalized or disqualified from competition.
  8. DJ’s must comply with Carnival Staff and WPD requests regarding sound levels, the parade progression, and any other requests. Failure to comply will result in truck can result in points deductions up to removal from the parade route.
  9. All participation fees must be paid in advance or the group will not be able to participate in the parade.
  10. Failure to comply with any of the above rules of procession will result in points being deducted and/or removal from the procession.​​




Craftmanship (20 Points)

The costumes should be constructed with obvious mastery and skill. No obstructions (loose wires, ragged fabric) which would mar the visual interpretation and demonstration of the band's portrayal should be allowed. Skill, competence, and attention to detail in the construction of the costumes are the main parameters in this category of judging.

Creativity (20 Points)

The costumes should be imaginative, clever, and fanciful. The innovative use of materials including but not limited to the blending of colors, the compatibility of the various textures used, and the relevant and suitable use of accessories and adornments as they most closely render the visual and physical interpretation of the band's concept, must be considered. Originality and inventiveness are the cornerstones of this judging category.

Visual Impact (20 Points)

The force and effect of seeing the compositions of the band's various sections are the main parameters of this judging category. The band's portrayal of the costumes and the dancing of the costumed revelers should be apparent, effective, and immediate. The panorama created by the colors and shapes of the costumed revelers must be memorable.

Presentation (20 Points)

Presentation will be judged as the bands or groups advance down the route and more specifically the band's concept and portrayal. All costumed members should be in character that is consistent with the band's visual or musical depiction of its portrayal. This category also encompasses those groups whose participation is based on dance and drill-like precision movements. The movements must be clear, collectively sharp, and imaginative. Never should there be anyone present in the band that has on clothing that is not consistent with the band’s portrayal of its concept. All band helpers should wear clothing that identifies them either by logo or matching colors as members of the band's help team.

Choreography (20 Points)

The costumed revelers should demonstrate vigor, zest, and enthusiasm. The major individuals and core members of the band should "dance" their costumes strongly and decisively. Dance movements or choreography should be animated and exhibit the exuberance and zest consistent with the freedom and liberation inherent to the tradition of Carnival worldwide


Music played before & after judging point and performing out of parade order can impact results​​