Soca and Associates Presents Bijoux Glitz & Glamour

Band Leader: Margaret Black

Designer: Daryl Key

Contact: 617-265 3005

2016 Parade of The Bands

Past Parade of the Bands Carnival Winners

Boston Socaholics Presents Elements of Life

Band Leader: Andrea Mercury

Designer: Kieran Prescott


  1. 2013 Band Of the Year Soca And Associates
  2. 2014 Band of the Year Soca And Associates
  3. 2015 Band of the Year Soca And Associates
  4. 2016 Band of the Year D'Midas International of Boston

Camo Carnival Band Presents Welcome to the Jungle

Band Leader:  Quintin "Fadda Q" Gabriel and Winston "Specialist" Marshall

Contact: 80 Mascot St.
Dorchester MA, 02124

Tel: 617-583-0700

D'Midas International Boston Presents A Space Fantasy

Band Leader: Iona Headley & Rudolph Osborne

Designer: Stephen Derek & Shawn Antenor

Contact: 617-652-2613